This helps to maintain your lip moisturization


Lips don’t always stay moisturized because of dry skin. In hot weather, you may be more susceptible to cracking, chapping and peeling. You should use lip balms to keep your lips moisturized. Make sure that you apply the balm before your lips dry out.

Use the right type of tinted lip balm for your lips. If you have thin lips, you should use a sky organics tinted lip balm that has a very sheer tint. If you have thicker lips, you should use a lipstick tinged lip balm. You should always remember to reapply it after about 15 minutes.

This helps to maintain your lip moisturization. A tinted lip balm will provide more coverage than lipstick. The main reason to use a tinted lip balm instead of lipstick is that the colors on lipsticks change too quickly. Tinted lip balms are permanent colors. Lipsticks can leave you with a messy feeling when you are trying to eat.