You can achieve this effect by gently rubbing


This product has a beautiful and unique look. If you put on eye makeup, you know that it takes longer than usual to get it on. It is important to be very careful while applying eye shadow or eyeliner because you can easily smudge it and make your eyes look less attractive. This product will allow you to get away with less. Liquid Powder is a fast-drying eyeliner. It works great when you are wearing a darker colored eye shadow.

If you are using eye shadows that are lighter, you should avoid using this type of eyeliner. The last step of your eye makeup routine is putting on Liquid Powder. This will make your eyes look much more appealing and attractive. You can achieve this effect by gently rubbing it into ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint your lashes. It will darken and accentuate the outer corners of your eyes. If you like to wear your eye makeup heavily,

you should use Liquid Powder to add extra dimension to your eye makeup. Just apply the eye shadow you prefer in a small amount and dab it with a brush. Then gently pat or swipe it onto your eyelids. After that, you can brush some more color onto your lashes. It will add a special look to your eye makeup. Liquid Powder is easy to use and it can transform your eye makeup into something wonderful.