How She Wakes up in the Morning

This is something new because I didn’t want coffee to be the answer. I now keep a copper glass next to my bed and keep water in it overnight a practice I picked up in India. Copper’s positive effects on the bones, nerves, and immune system permeate the water. I finish that cup first thing in the morning before turning on my espresso maker and starting my day.

Her Evening Skincare Routine

I’m a big fan of quality skincare. You may wear as much or as little makeup as you choose if you have good skin a good basis. The basis for using makeup to express who you are is your skin. I believe it’s crucial to remove all of your makeup at nighttime so there are no traces of mascara or the day left behind. For me, it’s a healing process. I use a Shiseido makeup remover that is incredibly gentle and removes all of my makeup if I need to remove any makeup (like mascara) that is difficult to remove with just a face wash.

I currently use an Augustinus Bader face wash that I enjoy because it’s so gentle. Next, I apply a serum. I like to switch up my products, but right now I’m using the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream along with an eye cream and serum from 111Skin. I’ll put on some perfume after that and I’ll be set for bed.

On Facial Treatments

I adore facials. If I can, I attempt to perform them at least twice per month. The most important thing is to maintain healthy skin, so I drink a lot of water. My water bottle is always in my bag when I’m out and about. That is crucial, along with obtaining seven to eight hours of sleep every night. You will see such a change in your skin if you do just those two things.

On Foundation

The amount of foundation that a person chooses to use is so personal because it is such a specialized item. I only use foundation to cover a few regions or things that I don’t want people to see since I prefer for my face to feel and look like skin. I adore Max Factor’s Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation because I’m always on the move and don’t have a lot of time. It functions as a liquid foundation, concealer, and primer in one. There is only so much time in the day to touch up, and this product eliminates that need. It’s also lightweight.

The Icon, she’d be for a Night

If I were to choose a nighttime persona, I’d want to be someone who stays up all night instead of merely sleeping. So I suppose I’d have to act like Beyoncé does when she performs live on stage. Or Serena Williams on the night she wins a Grand Slam. Because I would never be able to accomplish that.

On her Ultimate Evening, Outlook

I firmly believe that changing from day to night need not be a difficult process. I enjoy doing my lips or lashes. I typically have a spectacular eyelash moment on a night out, and I use Max Factor’s Divine Lashes Mascara for that. I like that the brush allows for layering and that the product applies thinly so you can build it up.

On the Best Beauty Tip, She’s Ever Received

My mother gave me the best advice. Confidence is your purest form of beauty, she added. Even if you look stunning, if you don’t feel confident in yourself, you won’t transmit that enthusiasm. Because I wear my confidence the best and have worked on it, that is the best beauty advice I’ve ever received. When I’m self-assured, I feel the most gorgeous.

On Meditation

I think there are several ways to meditate. My own is when I completely focus on my task. I find that thinking about character development when I’m on set has a meditative quality to it. I experience meditation whenever I’m doing creative. I believe that part of being healthy is eating the appropriate foods and drinking the right beverages. I also believe in taking care of your body and treating it like your closest friend.

In her Favorite Exercise Class to Boost her Mood

I don’t perform well in classes, but I can swim. I complete 15–20 laps. My mood is lifted, and I feel incredibly energized and prepared to go.

On her Biggest Beauty Regret

Well, there was a moment in my life when I mistakenly believed that more was better. You know, huge hair, large clothes, a lip, eyeshadow, mascara, and blush. But as you may know, we change.

On her Secret to Brilliant Eyebrows

I am totally into eyebrows! I used to have skinny eyebrows, so I’m delighted they’ve grown back since the early 2000s fad. Now that my eyebrows have reached a certain size, I adore them since I like to have them carefully shaped. They are thick and bushy. They are crucial to setting the face. 

On her Haircare Routine

My relationship with my hair is very intimate, which is why I started my haircare line, Anomaly. I use that for both my shampoo and conditioner. I need to feel certain that the products I use on my hair are healthy for it and that they are being taken care of. Anomaly is incredible since it is non-toxic, vegan, and devoid of mineral oil and SLES (sodium Laureth sulfate). It contains jojoba oil and avocado, both of which are beneficial to hair. Additionally, I massage my scalp at least once a week. Your hair will feel better from the root up if you use hair oil and take care of your scalp.

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