The Jubilee Union Jack blazer worn by Kate Moss is a rare piece of clothing that has not been seen for decades. This jacket is unique because it was custom-tailored to her proportions and only one other person has worn it. The company that made the jacket had never created a pattern before Kate Moss requested one, so this blazer was tailor-made specifically for her. Celebrities gathered in London today to mark the conclusion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend with a carnival-style pageant that proceeded through the city’s streets and culminated at Buckingham Palace. One fashion icon stood head and shoulders above the rest, even among the illustrious lineup of stars that attended the show dressed to the nines: Kate Moss.

Released in 1977 for Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee

Released in 1977 for Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, this Union Jack blazer was worn by Kate Moss in June of 2018. It is a rarity because it custom-tailored Kate’s proportions and features a unique pattern that has never been used before. The company that tailored the jacket did not even have a pattern before, Moss, requested it.

Custom-Tailored to Kate’s Proportions

The blazer is a rarity because it was custom-tailored to Kate’s proportions. It’s not a standard size, which makes it even rarer.

In addition to being custom-tailored and one of a kind, this blazer has been worn by many celebrities throughout history with its royal blue color scheme and gold buttons and it remains in mint condition today!

Kate Moss Request and Dressmaker’s Dummy

The company that tailored the jacket did not even have a pattern before Kate Moss requested it. The company used a dressmaker’s dummy, as well as measurements before Kate’s actual body, to create their custom-made garment. That’s right—no compare taken zed patterns here!

The process took months and included exchanges between London and New York until all parties were satisfied with how things were coming along. Moss, who attended the event with her friend Charlotte Tilbury, who organized at Claridge’s before the music began, wore a black silk bias-cut slip dress and a pair of red Vivienne Westwood stilettos, and she accessorized with a layered look of her trademark bohemian necklaces. The Union Jack blazer Moss wore as the finishing touch, however, was the pièce de résistance. If the outfit seemed at all recognizable be because Moss has already worn it. Indeed, Moss herself wore the jacket on the Paris runway for John Galliano’s spring 1993 collection, which paid homage to British fashion heritage and nautical strength with its bustier, bustles, military coats, and daring hairstyles.

It’s possible that the item or a replica found its way into Moss’s trove of clothing because Galliano was known for rewarding his models with outfits from his cautions at.

Kate Moss

Her Rare Piece of Clothing History

The blazer has not been worn by anyone but her, which makes it even more special.

The rare piece of clothing history is a one-of-a-kind item that has only been worn by Kate Moss on two occasions. This weekend, Moss is far from the first celebrity to re-wear a favorite item from her closet. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a red wool-crepe Eponine dress to visit Cardiff Castle in Wales on Saturday. She also wore a whimsical white Self-Portrait skirt suit to the Party at the Palace yesterday. Both of these outfits came from her closet. However, few fashion icons have the same ability as Kate Moss to pull off an iconic moment. Moss stamped her claim as a style icon once more with her smart nod to fashion history (and, in fact, her past as a model) yesterday.

According to British Vogue, the outfit is even more incredible than it appears to be because it is classic John Galliano that was initially worn by Moss in Paris to introduce the designer’s spring 1993 collection, which pays homage to British fashion history.

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee

The jacket is a rarity because it was custom tailored. It was released to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee, which happened in June of this year. The design can be seen as an homage to Kate’s style, who has been known for wearing the same outfit for decades.

The blazer isn’t limited in production like other pieces of clothing; however, there may not be many left once people realize what they look like!

Vintage Clothing and Custom Tailoring

Although vintage clothing is not necessarily limited in production, this particular item is a rarity due to its custom tailoring. The jacket was specially designed for Kate by renowned British tailor Charles James and has not been worn by anyone but her. This makes it even more special as it has a very signature look that makes you know what you are getting with each piece of clothing she wears.

The Jubilee Union Jack Blazer Worn by Kate Moss Is a Rarity in Fashion History

Make Sure you Check out Images of the Blazer if you Love Clothing History!

You can also look for pictures of the blazer online. You can find images of it in magazines, or you could even look at fashion history books if you want to get even more in-depth about this piece.

If you’re interested in seeing how others have worn this item, then keep your eyes peeled for pictures from social media! The Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor and Moss were seen at Claridge’s hotel before the event, where you can see Moss’ whole outfit: a black silk bias-cut slip dress and a pair of red Vivienne Westwood stilettos.


This is one of the best pieces of clothing in Kate Moss’s collection, and it’s a rarity because it is custom-tailored for her body and the customization was done on her request as prior he had no such client who had requested it so yeah she chose to be dressmaker dummy and her dress done for the event. A lot of people would like to have this blazer now that they know about its history and how rare it is.

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