Maritime services have become more competitive, making it difficult to choose from the top crew management companies. You need to pick one that stands out due to its years of experience, unmatched skills and expertise, and ability to face any challenges.

In this article, we take a look at the top 5 crew management companies in the world that have contributed in transforming the maritime landscape.

Things to Consider When Choosing  a Crew Management Company

The variety of services that the company offers, their experience, and international presence are a few things to consider when choosing a crew manning agency.

Apart from these factors, there are a few other things to consider even if you are looking to hire a single mariner or an entire crew.

1. Incredible Reputation

When looking to outsource crew management services from a company, the first thing you will want to check is their reputation. They should have long-standing relationships with customers in different parts of the world. Apart from the same industry, they should also have connections and agents in other industries and locations.

They should have a reputable and successful track record of recruiting only high-quality seafarers. See if they have had experience in the types of projects that you are looking to work on with them. They should have a list of experienced and qualified crew men who are ready to handle any type of vessel.

2. Proper Documentation Processes

A reliable crew management company will always have a solid documentation system. They update the seafarer records with the correct information in a routine manner. Such a service provider will have a team of officers who are always quick to revise information regarding ship names and those of the owners or managers.

Maintenance of work contracts that mentions the duties of seafarers is another responsibility that a good ship management company fulfils.

3. Proper Recruitment and Training Processes

The selection and recruitment of crew men is one of the main elements of crew management services. A good crew management company will make use of modern and advanced solutions to recruit the best seafarers. They make sure to verify the qualifications of the candidate to see if they match the position they are applying to.

The seafarers they employ will have enough knowledge, skills, and certifications to be at that position. The company should also have adequate training facilities like training centres in different part of the country they are based in and across the world.

Top 5 Crew Management Companies in the World

We have put together a list of the best crew management services providers across the world that ticks all the above boxes.

1. Marine Solutionz

Marine Solutionz is the leading crew management company based in Noida, India that provides complete or partial manning for any type of vessel. The backbone of the company is a team of experienced and trained crew members who are ready to face any kind of challenges.

They make use of a cloud based platform for the maintenance and storage of all database. This ensures that they are able to fulfil crewing needs with utmost transparency and ease to ensure seamless operations. They work closely with ship owners and managers to understand their vision to plan and execute procedures accordingly.

Marine Solutionz has a team of sea staff for each ship owner as well as a similar specialised team for demolition vessels. This crew management team also has a strong network of maritime contacts across the world, which makes them the most trusted ship management company in India.

They have in-house agencies in different parts of India as well as agents in countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines, Myanmar, Ukraine, and Indonesia.

2.  Anglo Eastern

Anglo Eastern Is a reputed ship management company that offers a wide range of maritime services including crew management. Over the years, they have managed to curate a collection of high-quality resources and systems to provide solutions that match up to global standards.

The crew management services that they offer include recruitment and management of crew men, payroll, and travel logistics. They provide training and development courses for seafarers according to their experience levels to ensure that they function at their best potentials.

3. V Group

V Group is one of the most reputed crew management companies in the world due to their unparalleled excellence in the maritime industry. They bring a unique combination of strengths in each service that they provide to offer the best value to their clients.

The crew management services that they offer include attracting and recruiting skilled professional crew men, and training them to be the best at what they do. They work on developing their skills to ensure that they deploy only reliable and responsible seafarers who can efficiently deal with all vessel types.

4. Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Another popular name in the maritime industry is Wilhelmsen. Based in Norway,  it is a global maritime group that provides valuable services to merchant fleet across the world. They also offer their crew management services to even the most complex and difficult vessels to be operated.

The extensive crewing network of this crew management company includes more than 10,800 skilled seafarers. Their range of services include recruiting and training of crew members, coordination and management of crewing needs, cost control, accounting, etc.

They have a strong global presence with employees in more than 60 countries to expand their innovative take on maritime services.

5. Thome Group

Thome group is a dedicated provider of crew management services based in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of crewing services by working actively with ship owners around the world. The services that they offer under crewing includes selection and recruitment of skilled seafarers.

This crew management company only makes use of modern selection and recruitment processes to nurture their seamen. They also have training centres in Philippines, India, China, and Croatia to ensure that there crew manager are trained continuously to prepare them for any difficulties.

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