Ex-Liverpool Youngster Jhamat Can Inspire The Next Generation Of British South Asian Female Footballers


 Vicky Jepson praised Jhamat as an inspirational figure who can inspire the next generation of British South Asian female footballers, according to her former manager Vicky Jepson. Jhamat became the first Punjabi girl ever to score at competitive level for England U17s last year.She hopes that by wearing navy shorts during sports activities, playing will reduce anxiety around period issues among female athletes.She’s a role modelJhamat was among many trailblazing female players of South Asian heritage honored in an unprecedented timeline and showcase created to commemorate Sky Sports’ anniversary partnership with Sporting Equals. These timeline and showcase celebrate current and former players who have made waves across different leagues of women’s soccer in Britain.Walsall-based 20-year-old Sharron Khalsa, known locally as Sporting Khalsa, was discovered playing junior football before she joined Aston Villa’s Centre of Excellence. From there she earned international recognition through various age groups with England Youth Programme as she became first Punjabi girl ever to score competitively at U17 level.West Brom Women Women are set to open their National League Northern Premier Division season this weekend, having spent last year at Lewes FC. Former England youth team-mate Ava Kuyken joined West Brom Women earlier this week as she also signed for them earlier.She’s a great talentJhamat Jhamat stands as part of one of the finest generations of female elite-potential players ever produced by this country. She has garnered international renown, earning international recognition across various age groups with England Youth programme as an Under-17, scoring her first competitive goal for Young Lionesses during 6-0 win against Slovakia as an Under-17.Read More: kooraliveAs part of Walsall Sporting Khalsa junior setup, she joined Aston Villa Girls Centre of Excellence where she would spend seven years before leaving to move onto Liverpool in 2017. Later that same year, Leicester City and Coventry United came calling before moving south with Lewes prior to moving onto Bristol City Women for 2021-22 season.Becca Mahmood is an innovative leader and aims to inspire more youngsters from her community to take up football. Both she and Mariam Mahmood were featured in Sky Sports’ partnership with Sporting Equals which documents players from diverse backgrounds making their way through to top flight clubs in modern football.She’s a great signingVicky Jepson believes Jhamat will serve as an inspiring role model for the next generation of British South Asian female footballers, according to her former Liverpool manager Vicky Jepson. Jhamat started her career at Walsall’s Sporting Khalsa before moving onto Aston Villa’s Girls Centre of Excellence for seven seasons prior to being given her Liverpool top flight debut this season. Additionally, she earned international recognition through various age groups of England youth program and even scored competitively against Slovakia during a 6-0 Euro qualifying win!Jhamat hopes her presence at Bristol City Women will encourage other females to pick up football – particularly British Asian women, according to government data.She’s a great playerJhamat and Mariam Mahmood feature in a groundbreaking timeline documenting South Asian players from Britain who have broken through into modern-day women’s football leagues across Britain. This showcase, launched at Stamford Bridge as part of Sky Sports’ PS30 million partnership with Sporting Equals, has since traveled across Britain allowing tens of thousands of fans to witness it, learn from it and be inspired.Read More: مباريات اليوم بث مباشرWalsall-born winger Jasleen Kaur began her career at Sporting Khalsa before signing with Aston Villa’s Girls Centre of Excellence. Soon thereafter she earned international recognition and scored her first competitive goal for England U17s against Slovakia (6-0 Euro qualifying win).She spent last season with Lewes FC in the FA Women’s Championship and will begin the new campaign with a club with a deep history – according to former Liverpool manager Vicky Jepson, she serves as an example for other British South Asian female footballers.