You might want to use a pencil because it will last longer than the pen. With the pencil, make sure that you blend it well so you have the same shade as your eyebrow color. To create a more dramatic effect, use darker brow shades to add a thicker line.

The best way to create a sexy, smoldering look is with a soft, creamy blush. Choose the color based on the tone of your skin. A pinkish, rose blush can make your face Best Eyeshadows for a Glamorous Look glow. It looks particularly good on pale skins.

You can create a similar look by applying a brown lipstick to your lips. It gives a natural flush to the face and highlights your lips.

If you want to create a more dramatic look, use a darker, reddish brown lip pencil and a deeper shade of lipstick. This makes your eyes stand out against the rest of your face.

Eye shadows. Apply eye shadows on top of the lid to define the shape and size of your eyes. The colors should be complementary to the colors of your eyelashes. For example, if your eyes are dark blue, choose a lighter blue or grey eye shadow. If your eyes are a gray or hazel color, use a darker shade of brown. You can also choose a slightly lighter shade for your inner corner.

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