Yoga devotees seeking transformation should visit Goa, India’s tropical paradise. Oceanicyoga, a popular yoga school in Goa, offers 100-hour yoga teacher training programs. This blog will feature Oceanicyoga’s 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Goa, as well as its dates, curriculum, and what to expect during your time in this wonderful area.

Oceanicyoga 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa Dates

Oceanicyoga offers many 100-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings each year. 2023 dates:

  • May 1–15, 2023
  • June 5-19, 2023
  • August 7-21, 2023
  • September 4–18, 2023
  • October 2-16, 2023
  • November 6–20, 2023

Please check Oceanicyoga’s website for updated dates.

Oceanicyoga 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Overview

Oceanicyoga’s 100 hour yoga teacher training Goa program builds yoga practice and teaching skills. Beginners and seasoned practitioners can learn more in this thorough course. The Yoga Alliance-approved course ensures high-quality yoga education.


Oceanicyoga’s 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training program covers:

1. Yoga Philosophy: Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita to grasp yoga’s spiritual side.

2. Asana (Yoga Postures): Practice standing, seated, supine, inversions, twists, and backbends. The course stresses postural alignment, advantages, and contraindications.

3. Pranayama (Breath Control): Practice Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, and Kapalabhati to promote health and focus your yoga practice.

4. Anatomy & Physiology: Learn how the muscular, skeletal, neurological, and respiratory systems relate to yoga practice.

5. Meditation and Mindfulness: Practice concentration, mindfulness, and loving-kindness meditation to gain mental clarity, tranquility, and self-awareness.

6. Teaching Methodology: Understand how to arrange, sequence, and adapt postures for different student levels.

Practice Teaching: Practice teaching sessions help yoga instructors improve confidence and competence.

Program Expectations

Oceanicyoga’s 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training is intense and unique. In Goa, expect:

1. Oceanicyoga offers clean, pleasant private, and shared rooms. All accommodations have basic amenities and are near the yoga shala and beach.

2. Meals: Fresh, healthy vegetarian meals. Meals support yoga and health. The requested diets can be met.

3. Daily Schedule: The curriculum includes morning and evening yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy lectures, and anatomy classes. Self-study, leisure, and Goa sightseeing will also be included.

4. Experienced Faculty: Learn from certified yoga instructors that love sharing their skills. They will guide and support students at their own speed throughout the course.

5. Friendly Environment: Oceanicyoga welcomes students of all backgrounds to learn, grow, and encourage each other on their yoga journey.

6. Cultural Experiences: Attend local events, visit historical places, and interact with locals to experience Goa’s colorful culture.

7. Beaches and Nature: Goa’s beaches and greenery are ideal for relaxation and refreshment. Enjoy nature, sunsets, and yoga in a peaceful setting.

Graduation and Certification

Oceanicyoga’s 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training program awards a certificate. If you finish 100 hours of training with a Yoga Alliance-registered school, you can use this certificate to register with Yoga Alliance as a 100-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Oceanicyoga’s 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Goa is a great way to enhance your practice and share yoga. This program’s extensive curriculum, skilled staff, and magnificent setting will inspire, empower, and prepare you to share your yoga knowledge and love with others.

Visit Oceanicyoga’s website to register for a 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training course. Start your journey to becoming a proficient and compassionate yoga teacher in Goa, a tropical destination that will support your personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, Oceanicyoga’s 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Goa is a great chance for aspiring yoga teachers and practitioners to deepen their practice, learn, and teach. This program will alter you with its extensive curriculum, competent professors, and supportive learning atmosphere. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to experience yoga, Goa, and like-minded people.

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