What is maximum compression test?


A patient may complain about numbness, pain, or weakness in the arm, wrist, hand, fingers or thumb. Numbness in the fingers is usually a symptom of injury to the spinal nerves.

To perform the test, a physician will press the shoulder joint against the floor and rotate the neck forward. This will compress the neck while the elbow is pulled back. If the nerves are being compressed, the patient may feel a tingling sensation. A neurologist will examine a patient for muscle atrophy or weakness in the hand. This indicates the loss of motor function.

How to perform this test: In order to perform this test, a physician will need to have Box Compression Tester adequate space to conduct the test. He/she will need a chair or bench for the patient and to sit next to the patient. He/she will also need to have a soft bed and a pillow under the patient’s head.

The doctor will ask the patient to put his or her head back. The patient will be asked to keep his or her eyes open. Next, the doctor will hold the arm in place and place his or her hands on the patient’s shoulders. The doctor will then roll the patient’s head back to the first position. The doctor will ask the patient to look at him or her.