Types Of Goth


Gothic outfits are of different types and are distinctive from other fashion styles available in the market. Known for their bold, aggressive, dramatic and expressive appearance, gothic outfits have marked their presence in the fashion world. The outfits come with a contrasting nature which you will never find in other fashion styles. On the one hand, they are dark, gloomy and spooky, whereas on the other hand, they bring out the inner strength and power of a person. Women’s gothic dresses, especially, breaks the age-old stereotype set by the patriarchal world and rejects the very concept that women are weak, meek and damsel in distress. Rather these outfits, when worn by a woman, define the inner beauty, strength, power and independent nature of hers. A woman looks confident and self-sufficient in a gothic outfit. It seems that she is one who is reigning the entire world. This is the power of the gothic outfit which no other outfits can showcase.

Gothic fashion also comes with an interesting history which began in Europe during the Middle Ages. Gothic fashion has derived its inspiration from the art, literature and architecture of mediaeval Europe as well as from the punk rock bands of the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s. Over the decades, gothic fashion has witnessed remarkable changes and progress in its journey. From Victorian to romantic goth to formal and contemporary goth, it has come a long way. Earlier when the colour black was the only accepted colour, today other bright hues such as blood red, burgundy, purple and other similar colours can be found. Not only that, pastel shades are the new trend, thus giving rise to pastel goth and bubble goth. Whether you choose a gothic blouse or a gothic skirt, you can wear them in any colour of your choice, only you have to keep the gothic vibe alive.

Some things still remain the same, such as loud makeup which involves dark lips and dark eyes, and occult jewellery, a few things are newly added, such as body piercings and full sleeve tattoos.

Many online stores, such as Jordash Clothing, provide you with different types of women’s gothic dresses of different eras which you can wear in different gothic events and functions. The infographic below provides some important information related to different types of gothic clothes.

women's gothic dresses