Ceres, California is a small agricultural city of roughly 50,000 people. Despite its modest size, this city has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy.

Because of its big immigrant population, this city has a wide range of restaurants. There are a few Mexican restaurants, as well as Asian, Mediterranean, Hawaiian, Indian, and good old-fashioned American comfort cuisine.

To assist you in making your decision, we have compiled a list of the 19 top restaurants in Ceres, CA

Alfonso’s Mexican Grill

Since 1973, this Mexican restaurant has served delicious food. Years of history, family recipes passed down from generation to generation, and the finest ingredients have made Alfonso’s a wonderful Mexican dining institution.

Try the Fiesta Nachos or the Ultimate Quesadilla when you visit this eatery. Their specialties include Chile Colorado, Huevos Rancheros, Chile Verde, and Camarones Al Mojo de Ajo.

Enter their cocktail lounge and taste one of their many beverages, such as a flavored margarita, Cazadores Tequila, or an IPA craft beer.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Who says you have to fly to Hawaii to sample their delectable cuisine? Enter this island-themed Hawaiian fast-food restaurant, where traditional Hawaiian plate lunches are on the menu.

If you happen to find yourself in this restaurant, try their specialty menu items such as Chicken Latsu, Kalua Pork with cabbage, Loco Moco, Spam Musubi, or Spam Saimin. Alternatively, you can stick to their classics and try their lighter garlic shrimp, BBQ chicken bowl, or BBQ cheeseburger.

Taqueria Lagos Restaurant

Taqueria Lagos is a Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican cuisine. This restaurant has a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome! Try their wonderful meals such as Rey’s Special, any of their Burritos, Chimichangas, Fajitas Lagos, Tacos de Alambre, or Enchiladas de Camarón.

They also have delicious seafood alternatives such as Mojarra, breaded Shrimp, and Ceviche Tostada.  You may even have their delectable foods delivered to you using their catering services.

Cocina Azteca

Cocina Azteca is a restaurant that takes pleasure in delivering foods that taste handcrafted. They expressed it perfectly: “We bring the taste and homeyness that you would find at your Abuelita’s house.” With their bright patterns and aesthetics, their restaurant transports you to the streets of Mexico.

Try the Carne Asada, Azteca Steak, Bisteck Ranchero, Orejitas de Xitlali, or Fajitas de Nopales, which are all popular dishes. Brunch is also served on Saturdays and Sundays.

Farmer Boys Menu

This restaurant takes pride in obtaining the finest foods from local farmers. Their sources come from all throughout the country, from the Columbia River Basin to Southern California. Their potatoes, oranges, burger buns, coffee, eggs, and other ingredients come from the top vendors.

This restaurant is family-owned and believes in giving back to the community. They’ve worked hard to establish a welcoming and pleasant environment for all customers. Try any of their fantastic burgers or brunch items when you visit this eatery.

My Garden Cafe

For breakfast, brunch, and lunch, come to my garden cafe restaurant. This award-winning restaurant serves a range of delectable cuisine that will leave you wanting more.

Try their Fiesta chorizo omelet, Bacon Pecan Waffle, Ham and Cheese Skillet, or Banana Nut Pancake for breakfast. Lunch options include the Fried Bologna Sandwich, Crab Sandwich, and Firehouse Burger.

Sunlight Indian Cuisine

Sunlight Indian restaurant serves great street-style Indian food with the aim of surprising you. This restaurant serves flavorful, authentic North Indian meals cooked with the finest aromatic spices and fresh ingredients.

Try any of their specialties, such as Tandoori Chicken Leg, Goat Curry, Saag Paneer, or Gobi Manchurian, when you visit this restaurant. Have their Mango Lassi and Kulfi Pop for drinks and dessert. Whatever you choose, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Mi Lindo Culiacan

Mi Lindo Culiacan is a Mexican restaurant that serves breakfast, seafood, chicken, and, of course, traditional Mexican fare. This restaurant has a relaxed ambiance and is suitable for families and children. Their Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, Vampiro, Papa Sincronizada, and Tacos Dorados Deshebrada are all worth a try.

Lao & Thai Restaurant

The restaurant serves authentic Lao and Thai cuisine. The ambiance is warm and inviting, making it ideal for sharing delectable meals with friends and family.

Try their crispy egg rolls, Koong Tod, Fried Basil Chicken wings, or Seen sa-won for appetizers. You can choose from a variety of soups, noodles, salads, and fried rice for your main course. You can also get seafood such as Gratium Talay, Pad Phet, Pompano Lad Prik, or Pad Green Mussels.

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