The word Paella comes from the Catalan phrase


In some parts of Spain, Paella is the national dish. The word Paella comes from the Catalan phrase “pan al ella” meaning “in front of the fire”. The dish was invented in Spain. At one time, Paella meant “the dinner in front of the fire” in Catalan. It came about when the Roman Emperor, Caesar, was visiting Spain and he had the kitchen put up around the fire so that he could enjoy the traditional Spanish dishes. As time passed, a popular dish was made up from all the leftovers. The Spanish cooked with a bit of everything and made a kind of mushy mix which was called Paella. In modern days, the dish is made from rice, seafood, meat, saffron, and herbs.

The cultural value of Paella in Spain is huge because it is the most popular dish in the country. In fact, Paella corporate catering many Spaniards consider it to be the perfect meal, because it symbolizes the unity of the family.

Paella is an extremely popular dish in countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other European countries. People usually order a wide variety of food to accompany it. This includes meats, fish, vegetables, and sauces. The rice-based food is always accompanied with a tomato sauce.