The Hub is an easy way to get access to QuickBooks’ built-in tools for filing, reconciling, and tracking your company transactions. The Hub is a launching pad that takes you step-by-step through the process of solving your QuickBooks problems. If you are experiencing file errors, reconcile issues, or you just need help with how to organize your company files, you’ll find what you need in the QuickBooks Hub.

It looks like you are on an older version of QuickBooks Enterprise (or a desktop computer). The Hub will only work with the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise. You’ll need a QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online subscription to access the QuickBooks Hub. The quickbooks tool hub includes several tabs, one of which is called “Fix my File.” If you are having issues with your files, the Fix My File tab provides you with options that can help you get your files back in order.

As you’re using the Fix My File tab, you’ll see a number of options that can help you address problems such as duplicate items, missing items, and incomplete transactions.

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