The best way to identify GIA-certified diamonds is to look at the certificate in their package. The certificates state the number of facets on a diamond. The higher the number of facets, the more brilliant the diamond is. The GIA-certified diamonds have a minimum of 45 facets.

You also want to look at the lettering on the side of the diamond. The lettering on the side indicates that the diamond has passed GIA’s strict testing and certification processes. It is good to buy GIA-certified diamonds because they are more expensive than other diamonds.

They are more expensive because the diamond has been thoroughly tested and 結婚戒指 certified. You also need to make sure that the diamond is from a reputable dealer. When you purchase diamonds online, it is important to shop around to find a reliable seller. You should never pay extra for shipping.

You can also choose a seller based on the customer service that he/she provides. Diamonds and other precious stones are very expensive. Therefore, you don’t want to deal with an unscrupulous seller. You can contact the Better Business Bureau to learn about complaints filed against sellers. You can also ask your friend and neighbor if they know anyone who has purchased a diamond.

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