The summer season is in full swing and it’s time for saree lovers to demand fabrics that provide comfort and relief from the sweltering heat. Be it workwear, for occasions, or to simply drape at home, Bengal cotton sarees have always picked accolades for comfort during the hot and humid climate. With patterns, prints, and textures to swear by, these sarees also feature incredible designs apart from being lightweight.

If you want to exude summer fashion with offbeat sarees, the Bengal handloom cotton sarees are delicately woven and have a global appeal. No matter in which corner of the world you go, cotton sarees from eastern India alwaysappeal to fashion divas. Known for various weaving techniques, the local artisans and weavers do a wonderful job to make the cotton sarees the pride of Bengal.

Reasons to use cotton sarees in summer

Cotton sarees are the most sought-after for the summer season. Do you know why? Women of different age groups flaunt Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata to exude elegance even when the heat is at its peak. Here is why:

  • Cotton sarees are available in different varieties and each one represents the glory of different weaves.
  • The Bengal cotton sarees are made using the finest cotton thread which is why they are lightweight and breathable.
  • From simple and unusual designs to multiple shades that are summer favourites, cotton sarees are a must-have for summer divas.
  • Bengal cotton sarees have an unmatched elegance and the reason why it is the summer fashion apparel for saree lovers.

If you need sarees that offer comfort even during the scorching heat, pick cotton sarees,which are a great choice.

Top 4 cotton sarees that sync with summer fashion

There is no denying that summer is one of the best seasons to flaunt cotton sarees when the temperature outside is the cause of discomfort. But when it comes to choosing Bengal cotton sarees in staggering designs, colours, materials, and styles, to beat the muggy heat, here are 4 sarees you can pick:

  1. Screen and Hand Block Printed cotton sarees
  2. The screen and hand block printed cotton saree is a much-preferred attire for summer as you can sport them for daily wear during the summer months. Moreover, they are soft to the touch and hand woven. However, what set them apart from the rest are the unique and quirky prints, motifs, and printing techniques. If you need to get your hands on cotton sarees with unusual prints, search for boutique sarees in Kolkata. You are sure to come across Dora By Phoenix, one of the boutiques that stock uniquely printed cotton sarees that are ideal for summer.

  3. Begumpur cotton sarees
  4. Handloom cotton sarees have always been the pride of Bengal and Begumpur cotton is one of the most popular varieties that women choose to sport during the summer months. Do you know why? The secret lies in the weaving technique. A majority of collections in Begumpur cotton have contrasting borders and serrated edges. You can recognise this saree by its ‘chiur’ designs made with wooden pattayas. The play of colours and the contrasting shades in borders characterise Begumpur cotton sarees. Team your Begumpur cotton sarees with printed blouses and accessorise yourself with silver baubles and a matching hand bag. .

  5. Mul cotton sarees
  6. Mul cotton sarees define comfort. Thanks to the soft fabric that makes it one of the classic collections for the summer months. Another reason why they are popular is the versatility of designs and prints. How about tie and dye patterns on mul cotton offering wonderful hues? Yet they are affordable, durable and you do not have to make much effort when it comes to maintenance.

  7. Bengal tant
  8. If you want to sport a traditional saree that showcases a piece of Bengal, it would be tant. It is synonymous with the culture and tradition of Bengal. You will hardly find a Bengal cotton saree lover not having a tant saree in their wardrobe. The modern tant sarees are lighter than the dense and heavy fabrics of the past and are ideal for wearing in hot and humid summers. Every piece of tant saree will have butis on the pallu and designs on the borders in the same and contrasting shades. The Dhonekhali tant hails from the Hooghly district of Bengal and is available in different patterns but will usually have fewer motifs.

Styling Bengal cotton sarees

Want to know how to best drape a Bengal handloom cotton sarees? Here is what you need to know:

  • Bengal cotton sarees are not only ideal for casual and formal occasions, but you can wear them in the signature Bengali style for special events and choose the casual draping style for casual events.
  • When choosing accessories with Bengal cotton sarees, pick traditional jewellery or earthy jewellery based on where you need to sport the attire.
  • Pick cotton or mulmul blouses to bring out the exact look of the saree you sport.

Bengal cotton sarees deserve a special mention if you are looking for an attire that can be worn to beat the summer heat. Every Bengal cotton saree portrays a unique look not only because it represents a concoction of class and grace but also because it tops the list of comfortable attires for women.

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