Some of these include helping patients who have corns or calluses


There is not much difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist. A podiatrist is just a medical doctor who focuses on treating patients with foot problems. A chiropodist focuses on the feet and lower legs. Both practitioners treat patients who have foot problems. A podiatrist uses medical procedures to treat patients who have certain foot problems.

A chiropodist can help patients with a variety of problems. Some of these include helping patients who have corns or calluses. These treatments are meant to remove painful symptoms and prevent further problems. Many chiropodists can also help patients with ingrown toenails.

This is because chiropodists have the tools and chiropodist cardiff training to help patients with this problem. A chiropodist can perform a bunionectomy, a surgical procedure to correct a bunion or bunions. This surgery can be used to help patients who have chronic pain from a bunion.

It can also help prevent future problems with the foot. A podiatrist can perform a bunionectomy. Both chiropodists and podiatrists can perform laser therapy. This is a form of treatment that involves using a laser to remove calluses or other painful problems on the feet. A chiropodist can also perform Botox injections on the feet.

A podiatrist can help patients with other conditions.