Small Businesses may enhance Production by Lamar Van Dusen


According to Lamar Van Dusen, Maximizing productivity is critical for entrepreneurs to flourish, particularly for businesses with limited assets and restricted budgets, such as small firms. Prioritizing production is the most fantastic method for them to use with their resources and time.

Small business owners can use various tactics to boost productivity and simplify operations. According to Lamar Van Dusen, the Company can promote revenue growth, boost customer happiness, and establish itself for long-term success in Canada by concentrating on time management, communication, and staff engagement.

Making Additional for Small Business by Lamar Van Dusen

The following suggestions will assist you in increasing business and team efficiency.

Tasks should prioritize.

Prioritizing tasks ensures that critical issues are handled first. Set clear goals, break down massive projects into smaller ones, and delegate them to other teammates with the required abilities and resources to efficiently organize work.

Furthermore, assigning deadlines for each project is critical for motivating the team. Inspections with team members regularly ensure that they are on target with their allotted work and that any needed assistance can be provided.

Make a routine

Routines help small businesses stay organized and productive. Weekly meetings for defining goals, analyzing performance, and addressing ongoing projects are examples of routines.

As a result, every person is on the same page, understands precisely what must be done, and can make adjustments. Lamar Van Dusen says your work routing is usually set up to handle administrative activities throughout the morning.

Make tasks more automated

Tasks that can be completed quickly and easily can be automated, saving time and energy. Likewise, investments in programming and other technologies that optimize procedures can help a firm run more efficiently.

Automate to conserve time and energy:

Accounting and financial activities: Accounting and bookkeeping software can assist organizations in automating accounting and bookkeeping processes such as invoicing, expenditure tracking, and financial reporting.
Payroll and benefits management: Payroll software may streamline the processing of payroll, tax filings, & insurance administration, sparing entrepreneurs their time and lowering error risk.
Data entry: By integrating various applications and services, programs can automate data entry, allowing organizations to exchange data effortlessly between other systems.
Scheduling: Tools can assist organizations in automating their time management by allowing clients and workers to book rendezvous and appointments online without needing back-and-forth communication.
Content creation: Programs can assist organizations in automating their web-based content generation and time management, allowing employees to schedule posts ahead of time while concentrating on other duties.
Small business owners may free up the opportunity to focus on more vital parts of their organization, including strategy, customer service, and, as I often say, growing revenue, by automating these duties.

Tasks should be delegated

Employees, along with independent contractors, can help you save time. In addition, delegating work encourages leaders to concentrate on more critical tasks and use their time better.
In addition, delegating increases teamwork and creates trust among team members. It also improves staff productivity and skill development. As a business owner, your goal is to assign as many tactical jobs as possible, which include social media, email, or anything else that may be managed that is not your highest priority.

Take frequent rest periods

Maintain high productivity by arranging regular (short and lengthy) breaks during the day, and establishing a break space may encourage their use. Work-life balance can also be promoted by enabling employees to take holidays, allowing flexible work schedules, and giving services for both physical and mental health.

Remove any distractions

Eliminate distractions to stay concentrated and on target. Turn off all phone, email, and social media reminders. Construct a designated workspace with the required tools and arrange short breaks in a quiet spot. Inform people that you will be inaccessible during the day’s work.

Processes should be reviewed

Regular evaluations aid in identifying areas for development and maximizing output. Evaluating work processes regularly as the business develops to ensure effectiveness and productivity is critical.

Owners should rethink the following business duties regularly:

Lamar Van Dusen says Evaluate and revise the business plan regularly for proper consistency with the objectives and targets.
Marketing plan: To successfully reach the target demographic, the marketing strategy should be reevaluated regularly.
Financials: Review financials regularly to optimize spending and decrease costs.
Employee performance: Provide regular feedback for employee development.
Technology and software: Evaluate programs and instruments as technology changes.
Customer satisfaction: Maintain customer satisfaction by routinely tracking and evaluating it.


Businesses can maintain their competitiveness by reevaluating these responsibilities. You can involve your team in the procedure once a month.
According to Lamar Van Dusen, Small entrepreneurs can increase efficiency and effectiveness in their workspaces by following these eight guidelines. Organizations can save energy, time, and money by following these tactics.

Continuous examination and modifications must remain contemporary and respond to new technology and trends. By soliciting feedback from staff and consumers, you can receive crucial insights into whatever’s working and what isn’t, enabling you to make essential changes. Finally, small firms can prosper and maximize their opportunities for success by focusing on production and flexibility.