Summer is officially over and I’m ready for fall. I’ve had a summer full of fun but also some sadness, and now it’s time to get back on track with the rest of my life. Here are some things that have happened during this season:

Sienna Miller

In the last few months, there’s been a lot of talk about Sienna Miller’s summer style. She has been wearing clear plastic sandals and a bright pink dress that looks like it was designed by Paul Smith. The most interesting thing about this outfit is how she accessorized it with a feather headband and a pair of Biker Shorts (that are pretty cool). Why would she not? Miller, 40, is openly engrossed in a new romance with Oli Green, she is best friends with her ex (you can catch her hanging out with Tom Sturridge and his new love interest Alexa Chung at the tennis in June), and she is in the greatest physical form of her life. Miller is joyfully enjoying her best life (hence all the bikini shots we keep witnessing).

Summer Style

Summer style is about function and comfort. It’s about being outside; it’s about being active and comfortable. You don’t have to be super-stylish if you’re going to the beach or hanging out at the park; any old pair of sneakers will work just fine (in fact, it might be better if they do). But summer style doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your nice clothes and wear jeans every day—in people prefer wearing more formal outfits during their favorite season because they know how much cooler they’ll look when they’re sitting around in their swimsuits! While attending events in London, she has developed a preference for Self-candy-colored Portrait’s ribbed-knit dresses. She also adds trendy accessories, such as Prada’s Cleo bag and Bottega mules, which she would normally forgo in favor of classic Sienna pieces that are timeless and unaffected by trends.

Sienna Miller's Summer Style

Ganni Dress

You’ve spent your entire life trying to find a dress that’s both stylish and comfortable. You’ve tried on the right cocktail dresses, but they’re just too constricting. The Ganni dress is the answer you’ve been looking for: it’s loose, flowy, and versatile you can wear it with heels or sandals (or nothing at all), depending on how much time you have before your evening event starts!


To create a halter neckline, you’ll need to knot the straps together. To do this, start by cutting your fabric at an angle to create a high-low hemline. Then continue cutting along the bias (the direction of stretch). This makes it easier for your fabric to fit well around your body as well as stay in place after being worn for an extended period.

Make sure that whatever material you choose is lightweight and breathable this will help keep you cool during those hot summer days! Use patterns or solids with contrasting colors if possible; these tend to look more sophisticated than plain fabrics without any patterning at all. And since these sundresses tend not to be very long overall so there isn’t much room left within them anyway try making them more fitted by adding some stretch into either side seam or hemline area too!

Biker Shorts

  • Biker shorts.
  • A must-have for summer, biker shorts are easy to wear and look great with a crop top or chunky sweater. They’re also comfortable, so you can wear them in the gym or out and about (or both). Plus, they’ll keep your legs from getting too hot during warm-weather outings!

Out in London

If you’re a fan of Sienna Miller, then you know that she is always looking stylish. The result was a look that was both casual and chic at the same time a great combination!In addition to these photos being taken outside of London (where they will hopefully be published some inside shots show how off her long legs as well as another photo where we can see just how much tanning spray has gotten into her hair!

Sienna Miller's Summer Style

Summer Dressing has been all about Function and Comfort

Summer dressing has been all about function and comfort. This is because summer dressing is the most important part of your wardrobe, and if you’re not comfortable in your summer clothing then it’s going to be hard to get through the heat.

Summer clothing needs to be easy to wear, but also looks great when you’re out and about. You don’t want something too flashy or too boring you want an outfit that makes a statement without drawing attention away from what’s important: staying cool!


Summer can be a difficult time for women who want to dress up or down, but Sienna Miller has shown that it’s possible to pull off both! She has an array of dresses that she wears on the beach, in London, and even out at the grocery store. The most important thing when dressing up during summer is comfort, so don’t stress too much about what you might wear just make sure it fits right. We hope that this guide has given you some helpful tips on what your next summer outfit should look like! The Mango crochet cap Sienna has been wearing with her Eres and Bond Eye bikinis while in St. Tropez and the Balearics is the piece that best represents her summer. She has also voted in favor of sarongs. Likewise, crop tops its wonderful news for the rest of us if these inexpensive, widely available summer essentials have defined the wardrobe of one of the country’s all-time favorite cool girls.

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