Minions Coloring Pages


Minions Coloring Pages. Humor can come in many forms, and the Minions prove that you can make people laugh with a simple concept! Scene. This collection of gratis Minions coloring pages for kids delivers some color fun with these adorable louts. All these pages are free to enjoy, and you can also share them as many times as you want! Get ready to have fun with the Minions while you color your favorite pages!

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25 New Minions Coloring Pages – Gratis to Print and Color

A cute minion is holding a balloon in this Minion’s coloring sheet. The balloon is not only a cute touch, but it also allows you to wear some great, bright colors. When it comes to balloons, you can find them in any color you can imagine. We would use bright colors made with mediums like colored pens or markers to keep your color choice nice and bright.

What Color Choice Did You Choose for the Balloon and this Minion Outfit?

The Minions are known for being lively, energetic, and always on the go! This page shows one who looks rather smug and relaxed and gives a clearer image. We’d keep the shades lighter for this one, but that can be hard when yellow is the natural color for the Minions!

Even if you choose a brighter color like yellow, you can make it lighter by using mediums like watercolor paints and colored pencils for a softer look to the colors. It’s time to review this first page of our collection of free Minions coloring pages for kids! This little guy is looking over a table, and you could have fun drawing some fun and silly objects on top of the table.

What Fun Things Would Go Well with this Particular Minion?

Stuart was a character that appeared in the famous movie Minions and is the star of The Next Page. Most of the Minions are happy and cheerful, but Stuart is a bit of a grumpier character, as his expression here shows. Can you complement his moodiness with lighter colors or emphasize it with some moodier, lighter shades?

The Minion below looks a bit sloppy! What do you think could have pushed this Minion to peek like this? If you have some ideas, you can draw additional details to show what might have caused it to look like this. A scientific experiment involving a small explosion could have gone wrong, and then you could add some details to show the side effects of such an incident.

That’s Just a Fun Idea You Could go With, But What Else Can You Think of that Could End this Scene?

Everyone wants to have a lovely snack occasionally, and the next page in our group of free Minions shade pages for kids verifies it! Color. While he seems perfectly satisfied with this snack, you could take this hilarious scene even further with a few extra details! You could draw other snacks or drinks that you think this Minion would enjoy around him.

What Delights Would You Add?

This next Minion is talking about something while looking quite happy! It makes you wonder what he might be pointing to, and this is another instance where you could add some fun details. You can print this image on a large sheet of paper and draw a scene that suits the pose shown here!

We have another pretty Minion for you to shade here. The Minions are usually bright yellow while wearing blue jumpsuits and black gloves. You can use these colors for these pages or create your own Minions variations using other colors you like!

What Approach Will You Take Here? We Will Be Interested to See it!

We have one that looks very happy and excited for this next Minions coloring sheet! He is looking up, and again it makes you wonder what he could be looking at. It could be a cool balloon or a cloud that has a funny shape. These are only a few ideas, but what else could he be looking at this content, Minion? If there’s one thing you can say about the Minions, they love to joke around and have fun! That is the case. In this funny image, this Minion has a lot of fun while playing. This image would look great with bright, whimsical colors to suit the playful vibe of the image.

It Would Also Be a Great Image to Add Some Background Detail To!

There are many ways to finish this page, so which one will you choose while having fun with it? The next page is interesting! This Minion looks quite surprised and even a bit scared. A beam of light also shines on him, which is the source of his facial expression. The only query is what could be pushing this light and this reaction.

It could be lightning from an alien ship, or it could be an experiment gone wrong. These are two ideas you could try, but there are so many fun scenes you could do with this page. What other scenarios can you think of?