Maximising Sales and ROI with WhatsApp Marketing


WhatsApp Marketing: To improve sales, Online Marketing is the best option we all know. But when it comes to thinking about its ways, then anyone must think for the way which is highly used by customers, dealers, clients and businessmen.

And then the app WhatsApp strikes everyone’s mind. It is the only app social app which is used by around 82% of users.

Using WhatsApp as a marketing tool is one of the best approaches to maximising sales and ROI.

However, the development of chat applications and their growing use has forced companies to alter the way they communicate with their clients. 

Marketers are taking advantage of chat applications’ growing popularity to build stronger relationships with their prospects and clients. 

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app, with India, Brazil, and the US ranking as the top three nations with the highest audiences on the platform. 

Despite being widely used, not many companies have taken full advantage of WhatsApp Business, an app created to assist companies of all kinds in boosting sales and improving customer service.

Are you seeking a productive strategy to boost your social media marketing’s return on investment (ROI)? 

If so, WhatsApp and other social networking sites might be highly effective tools for expanding your company. 

You can improve revenue, attract new clients, and strengthen your brand with the correct plan. 

This blog article will go through how to use WhatsApp and social media marketing to their full potential. 

We’ll talk about things like why WhatsApp is a useful marketing tool, how to make your campaigns more effective, and more. 

You’ll have the information and resources necessary to increase your ROI by the time you finish reading this post. So let’s get going!

Why Should You Use WhatsApp for Marketing?

Consumers today rely extensively on messaging applications for communication since they are not only more affordable and reliable, but also provide additional capabilities that traditional SMS cannot compete with, such as the ability to transmit movies, photographs, and form group conversations.  

There will be over 2 billion active monthly users of WhatsApp by 2022. It is hard for marketers to overlook the sheer quantity of the audience. 

Additionally, WhatsApp marketing has shown to be more successful than marketing on other platforms since:

  1. WhatsApp reads messages delivered within three seconds.
  2. Customer responses to WhatsApp communications are 50% more likely.
  3. WhatsApp has a higher click-through rate than other platforms, at 70%.

Last but not least, as chats are regarded as the quickest and most personalised form of communication, 53% of customers now trust businesses more if they can readily contact the companies via chat. Many websites are now regretful about not integrating with WhatsApp. WhatsApp website integration is required to power growth in all businesses.

How Does WhatsApp Marketing Help You?

  • Fostering stronger connections with customers

Customers increasingly believe that messaging applications make them feel more connected to companies. 

Because brands can automate replies, respond more quickly, and even communicate with customers in more inventive ways on WhatsApp, they may build deeper relationships with their customers. 

Customer retention and loyalty result from this.

  • Increase Sales Leads and Conversion Rate

While customer care calls are sometimes dreaded by consumers, WhatsApp messages are more likely to be opened and even responded to, making it simpler for companies to connect with their target audience. 

Additionally, consumers prefer to spend more money when firms build stronger ties with them, and when they become brand champions, they may even assist businesses in generating more leads.

  • Reduce marketing costs considerably

WhatsApp marketing is more successful than SMS or email marketing, and the cost per message sent on WhatsApp is unquestionably far cheaper than the cost of SMS. 

Additionally, marketers can boost their client retention rate because of WhatsApp’s ability to facilitate more regular and intimate interactions with customers. 

We all know that getting a new client might cost five times as much as keeping an old one. 

Considerable WhatsApp Marketing Suggestions

In this stage, we assume that buyers are still considering their options after learning about your business. 

Let’s examine how you might utilise WhatsApp to persuade these clients that your company is the superior choice to your rivals.

  • Give first-time buyer discounts

You must have encountered situations (many of them) when customers sign up and choose to receive communications but don’t complete the transaction.

However, it doesn’t follow that just because they haven’t bought anything yet, they never will. 

You already have their consent to text them on WhatsApp, so all you need to do is convince them to purchase from you.

Additionally, receiving a discount on their initial purchase may be sufficient inducement for them. The discount will enliven the transaction and encourage them to purchase from you.

  • Put Your Best Sellers on Display to Influence Customers

An excellent strategy to sway potential clients who are still weighing their alternatives is to highlight your bestsellers.

By showcasing your bestsellers, you provide customers with a look at the goods that are most well-liked by your target market, which promotes brand confidence and trust.

Promoting your bestsellers is a terrific approach to entice customers to buy since they are more inclined to do so when they realise that other people are already enjoying the product.

Additionally, even if a buyer isn’t ready to make a purchase just now, you constantly remain in their minds when you highlight your bestsellers.

  • Share celebrity appearances and media mentions

The impact of media and celebrity on today’s world cannot be denied. People are more likely to believe suggestions from their favourite celebrities than from companies.

Because when celebrities share something, the public assumes that it will also look well or function properly on them. 

This raises the aspirational value of the goods and increases consumer demand.

Therefore, it’s time to take advantage of this chance to build brand recognition and trust among your potential consumers if your company has been recognised in the media or has been highlighted by a celebrity.

To demonstrate the popularity and trustworthiness of your company, share these media mentions and celebrity appearances with your WhatsApp opt-in list.

  • Transmit Customised Recommendations

Offering consumers personalised suggestions is a wonderful approach to demonstrate that you are aware of their preferences and have items that are suitable for their requirements.

These suggestions may be based on their prior business dealings, search history, or even their online behaviour.

You may reassure your clients that your business is still considering them and is continually searching for ways to improve their buying experience by delivering personalised suggestions over WhatsApp.

It has been made possible for WhatsApp Blast Service Providers to be present where their clients currently spend the majority of their time by adding WhatsApp as an extra communication channel.

Customers are more inclined to trust your brand and make a purchase when they believe that you are aware of their wants and provide pertinent items. 

According to statistics, personalised product recommendations can boost conversion rates by at least 4.5 times.

  • Using Pictures to Motivate Your Clients to Buy

Customers’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by images when they purchase. They help clients gain a better understanding of the product’s capabilities, features, and uses.

You may exhibit your items on WhatsApp using photographs, PDFs, and videos to encourage clients to make purchases. 

To offer buyers a sense of the various ways they may use your items, you can publish lookbooks, mood boards, product demos, how-to videos, and more.

And data show that firms that provide their consumers with visual material have a seven-fold greater conversion rate than those that don’t.

Are you prepared to use WhatsApp marketing to maximise engagement and increase sales?

Due to its extensive usage, WhatsApp enables companies to access a huge audience and market to consumers where they are most engaged.

However, it’s crucial to approach WhatsApp marketing cautiously, testing with various campaigns to determine what works best, and avoiding invasive or spammy messages.

The WhatsApp Business API’s advanced functionalities must be used through a solution provider like Bulk SMS Service Providers if you wish to grow your WhatsApp marketing activities.

Therefore, think about working with WebEngage if you want to improve your customers, Experiences and engagement while also fostering business growth through WhatsApp marketing.

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