Katie Holmes is one of the best-dressed women in New York City.

Everyone needs jeans in their wardrobe. In addition, Katie Holmes, who has a sizable denim collection dating back to her Dawson’s Creek days, has a preference for a variety of styles that work for a variety of events. The 43-year-old actor and director is proof that jeans are the most adaptable wardrobe staple that’s well worth the investment, whether she chooses to dress them up with a stylish jacket and blouse for New York Fashion Week or down with a pair of straight-leg jeans for a stroll in the summer. She’s known for her sharp style, but she also knows how to wear denim. From her work at Givenchy and Prada to her line with Hudson Jeans, Katie’s got it down and she’s not afraid to rock some boots with her jeans! I’ve never seen anyone wear a better pair of denim jeans than Katie does (and I live in NYC). Here are some pictures from recent outings:

Katie Holmes has been Rocking Outwear

Katie Holmes has been rocking hats, denim, and the best outerwear all over NYC click through to see her style!

She’s also wearing some of the best denim around. And if you’re not familiar with her style, you should probably start paying attention now. Because she’s got it all down to a science:

  • She knows how to wear layers to maximize coverage while also keeping things light and breezy (like this look).
  • She knows what color will complement her skin tone best (like here).

Holmes put on a straightforward pair of pants (baggy fit, straight leg) with a unique twist: an asymmetrical button fly and a sizable quilted patch on the left thigh. From B Sides jeans to Junya Watanabe, whose patchwork patterning has become a signature, several companies have been playing with that retro Americana vibe on denim. Holmes accessorized hers with a Chloe studded ballet flat, a comfortable sweater, and a plaid button-up. A sizable brown hobo bag, which is also enjoying a comeback! Complemented her mom-on-the-go look in the meantime.

Katie Holmes

Who What Wear

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Katie Holmes has over 1 million followers on Twitter, which makes her one of the most popular social media influencers in the business. Her Twitter account is full of photos and videos that promote her clothing line, as well as movie quotes. She also uses her social media to promote her movies she recently released a trailer for “Cruel Intentions” starring herself and Ryan Gosling.


  • The Facebook page has more than four million followers.
  • It’s the official page for Katie Holmes Denim, and it includes information about the brand and its products.
  • The most popular posts on this page will be those related to Katie Holmes, including photos of her wearing jeans or accessories from the collection.

The company also uses this page to promote its latest collections and new products. It will include links to where you can purchase these items, often at a discount.


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Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration for your next outfit or to see what others are wearing. If you’re looking for something new to wear when going out this season, try searching “denim” on Pinterest! You’ll find thousands upon thousands of pins that feature denim-based outfits from every style imaginable from classic denim jackets like this one by Madewell to more detailed styles like these by Theory (a favorite brand among celebrities).


If you’re looking for a good example of how to dress for the occasion, look no further than Katie Holmes. In her Instagram feed, she shows off her great sense of style and makes sure that every shot is taken in the most flattering way possible. Her feed is full of photos of her wearing outfits ranging from a pair of jeans and a shirt to an elegant gown on red carpet events like the Met Gala or Golden Globes.

If you have any doubts about whether or not your sense of style is up-to-date enough to be considered as stylish as Katie Holmes’, consider this: if you were inspired by what she wore during her younger years (and even now), then there’s no doubt that your taste level has improved significantly over time!

She knows how to rock a pair of jeans!

If you’re in the market for some new jeans, Katie Holmes has got you covered. She knows how to pair a pair of jeans with or wear, a blazer, and a t-shirt. Here are some examples:

  • Denim + a leather jacket – This look is simple and elegant. The denim paired with the leather jacket is perfect because it makes your outfit feel more mature than just wearing jeans alone would do.
  • Denim + a sweater – This look is very casual but still looks put together because of how it’s styled with her black sweater underneath her denim jacket (which she paired with leggings).
Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes is a great example of a woman who knows how to wear denim. She has been able to balance the pieces in her wardrobe that fit her style and needs, as well as those that are more popular with others. It’s clear from this list of places she went on her fashion journey that she carefully considers which pieces will work best for each situation (whether it be socializing or going out).

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