In Basic Health and Wellness by Dr. Jay Feldman


Wellness and health are defined as the capacity to have a pleasing body shape.  Good health means that our organs work well and are in sync. 

The flawless functioning of our own bodies can be known as well-being. Dr. Jay Feldman states that the body is healthy when they are able to function normally without the help of chemicals.

Wellness and health are all about how well the human body is in its interpersonal relationships and mental performance. The ability to develop a healthy mind free of health issues or stress is a pillar of great health. 

It requires us to think and process information accurately. The social component of wellness and health is our ability to communicate and understand our fellows. It’s related to behavior health and information.

What factors influence the health and well-being of people? 

According to Dr. Jay Feldman, living in the United States of America, external factors are the most important factor in our overall well-being and health. 

This suggests that the environment that I reside in can have a profound impact on my overall health and the way I feel. 

Living in areas that have hazards to the environment increases the likelihood that we get sick. The abundance of food items, in particular minerals or elements, will certainly alter our bodies’ natural balance. 

The way we live and the activities we engage in affect our health. This requires the most effective methods to adapt to our surroundings and lifestyle changes that are preventative.


Self-management is the process of taking actions or programs that help us enhance our overall health and well-being. 

It signifies that we don’t require the help of other people when it comes to taking care of or changing our health. Self-management requires us to commit to maintaining or attaining good health.

The various phases of life alteration. Every aspect of our daily life is a part of our daily lives.

 It can be a difficult effort or a difficult goal especially when we are used to a particular style of living. If we’re in a state of illness, we may have to modify everything about our way of living, however, when we are sometimes healthy, we need only modify a tiny portion of it.

There are five phases involved in altering one’s lifestyle. The first is maintenance. 

It is a sign that keeping what we’ve set out to do or want to change is vital for a change in our life. The primary goal of this stage is to ensure an approach to living that is fresh. 

 The next step is to be proactive. We need to be actively involved in various activities or implement changes to promote positive changes. 

 A third aspect is to be prepared for the changes that are likely to occur. It is essential to prepare to alter our approach to living, mentally as well as physically. 

 It is the last step in the process of implementing our lifestyle change. The process of developing an overall strategy to change our lives.

 What are the elements that trigger a change in our lifestyle? One of the hardest things to change is the way we live. Self-confidence is a key factor in enabling a smooth or rapid change in your life. 

 It’s our own inner strength and willingness to alter our lifestyle. Dr. Jay Feldman says overcoming obstacles in the way of changing one’s lifestyle is a different aspect that can facilitate positive changes. 

  We need to reconsider the old, unfounded beliefs that can make altering our lives difficult or unproductive. In the end, motivation is an essential element in ensuring an opportunity for alter our behavior.

Physical activity offers numerous health benefits

If we take part in physical activity we are able to avoid a variety of illnesses that can be caused by sedentary lifestyles. 

 The physical activity of our bodies can cause our organs to become active and fight diseases by increasing the immune system and promoting rapid recovery after the event of injury.

If we engage in physical exercise and exercise, we are more productive. Our bodies are able to have a high circulation rate and metabolism when we’re active. 

 This increases the flow of blood to all of the organs inside our bodies which makes us more energetic and energized to complete our tasks or obligations.

 When we engage in physical activities the mind relaxes and grows in a healthy way. Physical activity can lessen stress levels within our bodies. Relationships, work, and personal growth are all impacted by stress in our bodies.

Physical activity can help us live an active and long-lived life. Exercise can aid in preventing serious illnesses such as diabetes and stroke. Regular exercise keeps our bodies healthy and prevents complications.

A healthy and disciplined way of living

Dr. Jay Feldman says Self-planning entails finding out what we can do to make our lives better. 

It’s the first step and provides the rationale behind why it is essential. Many of us opt to take this step to make us more content or to avoid frequent trips to the doctor.

The next step is to determine the requirements of a change in way of life. Exercise and a balanced diet will both improve our overall health.

Personal goals are an essential aspect of self-planning. It requires a change in the way we conduct ourselves or our lives toward achieving a lifetime aim of achieving optimal health. 

Personal goals must be realistic regardless of whether some might be challenging, particularly when we are just beginning to learn about being healthy.


Dr. Jay Feldman says wellness and health are crucial aspects of our life. As we can see in the article before healthy living means living well and paying attention to our mind, body as well as social well-being. 

We must avoid excessive smoking or eating unhealthy foods (such as fast food) and exercise. It is important to have a plan that helps us stay active and allows us to avoid stress-inducing situations. 

The cause of diabetes could be eating fast food too often. A self-planned fitness program that we must follow can help us in changing our habits. Physical exercise is, at the end of the day, helps us live a longer and stress-free existence.