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NlpTech’s IELTS training in Dubai will help you raise your IELTS score and realize your ambition of studying or working abroad.

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Overview of the Dubai IELTS Course

For those of you who desire to study or work in a nation where English is the dominant language of communication, the International English Language Testing Mechanism (IELTS) is the mechanism for determining your level of language ability. Depending on the candidate’s level of proficiency, the IELTS score is calculated on a nine-band scale (from Band Score 1=Non-User to Band Score 9=Expert).

In four sessions, the IELTS test evaluates your proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The British Council, IDP Education Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment are responsible for delivering the IELTS test. By offering effective IELTS exam coaching, NlpTech’s IELTS Training Course in Dubai assists you in taking the initial step towards your professional or academic life overseas.

Course Highlights for IELTS

IELTS General & IELTS Academic coaching classes are led by our qualified instructors.

We improve your English skills so you can perform better on the IELTS exam.

Our knowledgeable trainers will evaluate your skills and shortcomings and assist you in focusing on the areas where you require assistance.

Depending on your schedule, you can select either weekend or weekday classes. 

We walk you through some efficient ways to raise your IELTS score.

Course Features for IELTS

36 hours of Training: Our 36 hours of IELTS training comprises thorough modules that make it simple for participants to understand linguistic concepts.

experienced-led Coaching Classes: Our experienced instructors will teach you how to use efficient strategies to achieve the greatest results. We’ll also perform regular evaluations to monitor your development.

Interactive Learning Classes: We use an interactive learning strategy to make it easier for participants to improve their English-speaking abilities.

Practical Instruction: We’ve included practical English instruction to help you improve your writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities in English.

Exam-Oriented Coaching: We assist you in reviewing previous years’ test questions and administer practice exams to help you manage your time for exams. We also provide interested candidates with IELTS online coaching classes.   

Training requirements for IELTS

Anyone interested in beginning their academic or professional career in an English-speaking nation may enroll in this course.

Reading from IELTS course material

Recognize a range of academic text kinds.

In all kinds of reading passages, skim, scan, and pay attention to the content that is important.

Recognize the components of a text and, where necessary, replicate these components in their own work.

Gain a thorough knowledge of the 11 different types of questions that were in the reading and how to respond to them.


Respond to the two tasks, taking care to adhere to the rules and maximize the time allotted.

Write a range of essays, including persuasive and cause-and-effect pieces.

Analyze graphs and charts in a report.

Utilizing suitable language and grammar, interpret and describe statistical data

Improved vocabulary and grammatical structures should be displayed.


Recognize the requirements for each of the three exam sections.

Review and correct their own speaking

Showcase improved speech

Formulate, articulate, and defend beliefs utilizing suitable vocabularies and grammar


Display knowledge of academic and professional speech, such as in lectures.

Recognize the major points and separate the pertinent supporting information in a formal or academic piece.

Improved listening abilities for general comprehension and details must be shown.

Gain a thorough understanding of the six different sorts of listening questions and how to respond to them.

How to Succeed in the IELTS Exam?

Get qualified training

take practice exams

Attend the final exam.

Options for IELTS Training

Select the training options that best meet your needs.

Training Features Options

Instructional Classes in the Classroom

Presentation of a case study Lecture-Based Presentation with Video and Audio Inserts

Exam practice and simulations

Live online lessons with 36 contact hours

Classes with Authorized Instructors

Daytime and Weekend Classes