How to get a better and stronger erection in bed?


Any guy who is in a relationship or marriage today is at risk or already dealing with the problem of a weak erection. For a relationship to be good, both partners’ mental and physical needs must be met. Spending valuable time with each other, sharing smiles, making memories, and posting love images on social media are all ways to meet emotional needs. But your partner needs to be able to meet your physical wants as well. If you don’t, your relationship will have a lot of trouble and will need the most care from both of you. Most of the time, guys have trouble getting an erection. Men need a hard genital area to have a pleasant sexual experience. Men are getting fewer erections for a variety of reasons, and this is making women give up on their sexual urges. Erectile Dysfunction or just ED is the name for this problem.

First, you need to understand how an erection works

Erections are a sign that a man is getting ready to be sexual. When a man is in the mood for sex in any way, his nervous system tells the blood vessels in his genital area to fill with blood. So, the genital area gets bigger because the blood vessels get much bigger. This is called an erection. This is usually how things are when nothing is wrong. We can see that the erection depends directly on how much blood is flowing into the genital area. If the blood flow is good, so is the erection, and the opposite is also true. Now, let’s talk about why men with erectile dysfunction can’t get a good erection all of a sudden. The main reason why men with erectile dysfunction can’t get or keep an erection is that their genital area doesn’t get enough blood when they get excited this keeps happening.

So, how do you improve your erection?

As we talked about in the last part, erections are caused by the flow of blood. When the genital area doesn’t get enough blood, it can’t get an erection. Anything that can get the blood flowing again in the genital area will bring it back. Here are some of the steps you need to take to get a good erection:

i)Take ED pills

This is one of the most common ways for men to fix a weak erection. All that needs to be done is get the pills from the doctor and start taking them as the doctor says. Some of the most trusted anti-ED pills that doctors give to men are pills like cheap generic levitra online. When the pills dissolve in the system, they help get more blood to the penile area. For this reason, the main ingredient in these medicines smooths the walls of erectile tissues, stabilizes blood pressure, and relaxes pelvic muscles so that blood can move easily in the penile area during the stimulation time. But these medicines need a prescription, so you can only take them if your doctor says you can. If you take this tablet without a doctor’s okay, you could have dangerous side effects. The average drug for erectile dysfunction gives you an erection that lasts 5 to 6 hours, but some drugs can make it last up to 12 hours. So, couples can have enough time to enjoy their time together at their own pace.

ii)Give up your habits

If you want to get a better erection without taking ED pills, you need to change your lifestyle. Start by giving up your habits, whether they are smoking, booze, or something else. Addictions directly affect the way the brain works, which slows down the body’s metabolism as a whole. So, it takes longer for the electrical messages to get where they need to go, which slows down the reaction action. When a person is hooked, the medicines, not the person, is in charge of his or her thoughts. When the person doesn’t take the medicines, he loses control and starts acting in strange ways. may even hurt himself. The blood flow is messed up, and important hormones and enzymes don’t work as they should. So, a person like this is more likely to have a weaker erection. This is why most people who drink or smoke find themselves taking ED pills.

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iii)Burn calories

You might be happy to hear that one way to get a good erection is to burn calories. As we’ve already talked about, being overweight is also a cause of weak erections. What is going on? When people eat fast food, cholesterol builds up at the opening of the pulmonary artery. So, the blood pumped by the heart can’t get to the areas it needs to because cholesterol is blocking the artery that would take the blood there. Because of this, the genital area and a lot of other systems don’t get enough blood. So, burning calories will open up the artery and make it easier for blood to flow through it. Along with working out, you can also cut back on foods that are high in cholesterol so that no more cholesterol builds up.