How To Connect Mind And Body To Gain Self Confidence


Believe it or not, there is a huge disconnect between our minds and bodies for most of us. Small traumas starting from our childhood create this disconnection. This may feel unfair, but it is our brains’ way of protecting us from the awful things we went through when we were at an age where we should have received only and only unconditional love.

The silver lining is that we can help bridge the gap between our minds and body. We can regain our confidence and self-esteem where they should have always been. You may be doing well in your school or university or even your job and may have good relationships in life, making you think you are alright.

Sometimes, the real us is hidden inside of us, too afraid to be found. You may find that despite doing well, you may simply be surviving through life rather than thriving and truly living. Ultimately, the most painful thing is to discover that you are not what you want to be – that you cannot be the real you for reasons you cannot name.

The Connection Between The Mind And The Body

All humans require a healthy mind-body connection. It is a necessity to survive through all areas of life and manage short-term and long-term stress. It is also the only way to truly love and accept yourself. We can only give our best to those around us if we love and accept ourselves for who we are.

Having a healthy connection between our mind and body is the way to an optimistic life where we can manage our life, needs, vulnerabilities, and even our thoughts without judgment.

How To Gain Confidence?

Confidence is not easy to achieve. It requires effort and a healthy mind-body connection to be truly confident. Unfortunately, it is not something that you can fake. To a level, maybe, but not true confidence. The good news is that we can build this connection now, at any age, and work our way to feeling and acting confident.

How To Create A Healthier Mind-Body Connection

Our mind and our body have certain requirements for us. This requirement goes beyond nourishment for the body. Here are a few things you can begin to get started on your journey to a better mind and body connection.

Practice Meditation

Yes, practice is the keyword here!

Meditation is essential for good mental health across the board. Yet, it is one of the most difficult things to execute. Thus, the use of the word ‘practice.’

Start meditating using helpful videos to guide you through the steps, and slowly increase the duration until you are comfortable with yourself and your thoughts. This takes time and practice, and you will ultimately find things about yourself you didn’t know before.

Breathing For A Better Mind And Body

Breathing can do more than just keep us alive. Proper breathing exercises can help bring anxiety under control. So much so that it will become second nature to you, and you can curb the anxiety instantly.

Moreover, recent times come to show the importance of breathing practice. This should be practiced separately and with meditation. While deep breathing is crucial for meditation, it is even more crucial outside of it.

Treat Your Body Right

If you’re craving some delicious cheesecake or to snack on some Pringles, it’s not your body craving. Believe it or not, it is your mind that wants these things.

Sugary foods and food, in general, are mood alterers. A little ice cream makes you feel better when you’re feeling down. Your brain realizes this and induces these cravings to lift your mood or get you out of a little depression(mild).

What your body demands are entirely different. It requires you to consume healthy food in appropriate proportions and a little bit of exercise. It may seem complicated to choose your mind over your body at first, as your mind is essentially YOU. But give yourself a month’s worth of pain, and it will become much easier to conquer your mind.

Sleep Well

Today we have sufficient awareness of the importance of sleep. Yet, it is still so problematic to achieve quality sleep. Our gadgets and electronics are major contributors to this, no doubt. They emit blue light that destroys serotonin and declines our sleep quality. Checking notifications as you wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom visit is not the best thing for you. Additionally, the little light from the modem and other electronics is equally detrimental to a good night’s sleep.

Experts recommend complete darkness so that our body can create serotonin and help achieve the benefits of good sleep. If you can, at the very least, use an eye mask while you sleep, it can help you immensely.

Reduce Your Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities come in many forms, and you should reduce your susceptibilities to improve your mind-body connection. Consciously eating healthy food, working out regularly, reading books, and pursuing knowledge is key to reducing your vulnerabilities. Beyond this, building interpersonal relationships is paramount.

Building Interpersonal Relations

Calling up your family and friends who are busy, making time to spend with your buddies, and managing boring small talk with your acquaintances and coworkers is a significant skills for good mental health. Moreover, spending time making conversation and navigating a social life is influential in improving confidence and self-esteem.


A body and mind connection is noteworthy to building confidence. Choosing to do things that benefit you mentally and physically is key. Now that you know How To Gain Confidence, you must begin working on it. Moreover, when life gets tough, it will help you hold up and continue to maintain your enthusiasm and self-esteem. You will especially learn how to easily control your overwhelming emotions and sail through life.