Do All Action Cameras Have the Same Mount?


Action cameras have become increasingly popular for capturing exciting moments during various activities. 

Action cameras offer a compact and versatile solution, whether you’re into extreme sports, outdoor adventures, or simply documenting your everyday life. One common question when considering action cameras is whether they all have the same amount. In this article, we’ll explore the topic of mount compatibility among action camera head mounts and the different mounting options available.

Mount Compatibility: 

Action cameras, like GoPro, have become synonymous with the action camera category. They are known for their robust mounting system, which various accessory manufacturers widely support. Most action cameras today, including those from different brands, feature a similar mounting mechanism compatible with GoPro-style mounts. This means you can typically use GoPro mounts and accessories with other action cameras supporting the same mounting system.

Standard Mounting Options: 

The most common mounting option for action cameras is the GoPro-style mount. It consists of a three-pronged attachment point and a quick-release buckle. This design allows for easy and secure camera mounting onto various accessories such as chest mounts, head straps, handlebar mounts, and selfie sticks. The GoPro-style mount has become the de facto standard in the industry, making it widely compatible among different action camera brands.

Other Mounting Options: 

While the GoPro-style mount is prevalent, some action cameras may have proprietary mounting systems specific to their brand. These proprietary mounts are designed to provide a secure and seamless attachment between the camera and dedicated accessories. If you own an action camera with a proprietary mount, you must ensure that the accessories you purchase are compatible with that specific system. This may limit your options regarding third-party accessories, as they might not be designed to work with proprietary mounts.

Mount Adapters: 

To address compatibility issues, mount adapters allow you to connect action cameras with different mounting systems. These adapters bridge the gap between various mounting standards, enabling you to use accessories designed for one type of mount with a camera featuring a different mount. For example, you can find adapters that allow you to attach a camera with a GoPro-style mount to a mount designed for a camera with a proprietary mounting system.

Universal Mounts: 

In addition to specific mounts and adapters, universal mounts are available in the market. These mounts are designed to accommodate a wide range of action cameras regardless of their mounting system. Universal mounts typically feature adjustable straps, clamps, or grip mechanisms that securely hold the camera in place. They provide a versatile solution if you have multiple action cameras with different mounting systems or want to use a camera without a dedicated mount.


When purchasing an action camera, it’s important to consider the available mounting options and their compatibility with your intended accessories. If you already own specific accessories or plan to invest in a particular mounting system, ensure your chosen camera supports that mount. If you’re not tied to any specific accessories, opting for a camera with a GoPro-style mount can provide the most flexibility and compatibility with a vast range of accessories available on the market.

It’s worth noting that while many action cameras offer compatibility with the GoPro-style mount, there may still be slight variations in the attachment mechanism or size. It’s advisable to double-check the specifications or consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure seamless compatibility.

In conclusion, while not all action cameras have the same mount, most action cameras today support the popular GoPro-style mount. This allows for extensive compatibility with many accessories and mounts designed for the GoPro ecosystem. However, it’s important to consider proprietary mounting systems, universal mounts, and mount adapters to ensure compatibility with specific cameras and accessories. By understanding the different mounting options and their compatibility, you can make informed decisions when selecting an action camera and its accompanying accessories.