Discover the Difference of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services



Is it time to get your carpets cleaned? While renting equipment or tackling carpet cleaning yourself seems convenient and budget-friendly, professional carpet cleaning services offer superior results that lead to a number of benefits. Read on to discover the key differences and advantages of hiring professional carpet cleaners London.

Commercial-Grade Equipment and Tools 

Professional carpet cleaning companies utilize heavy duty commercial-grade equipment and tools not available to rent or purchase for home use. Large walk-behind and truck-mounted hot water extraction machines provide high heat and suction for deep cleaning. Heavy rotating brush scrubbers agitate and loosen embedded dirt. Powerful industrial vacuums completely remove residues, moisture and allergens that linger when DIY methods like small shampooers are used. 

High-Powered Truck Mounts

Truck mounted extraction machines are extremely powerful. The machines remain in the professional’s vehicle while only the long hoses and wands are brought inside to clean carpets on site. The truck engines generate very high water heat and suction which is far more effective compared to small portable carpet cleaning machines. More dirt and moisture is lifted and eliminated.

Optimized Cleaning Solutions

Professional carpet cleaners Southminster use specialized cleaning solutions and solvents designed for high performance cleaning. From pre-sprays and traffic lane cleaners to spot removers, their cleaning agents are optimized to deep clean, deodorize, and sanitize carpets. Many solutions contain anti-resoiling properties to keep carpets cleaner longer. DIY products cannot match the stain-fighting power on stubborn stains like wine, grease and pet accidents.

Thorough Extraction Methods

Thorough extraction is key to professional results. Cleaners use methods like overlapping passes and grooming rakes to ensure water and shampoos are thoroughly removed after cleaning carpets. Remaining moisture and cleaning residues leads to rapid re-soiling. Complete extraction restores softness and fluff to carpet piles. DIY machines simply cannot extract as thoroughly.

Experience and Proper Training

Carpets represent a major investment in your home or business. Proper cleaning is key to preserving their health, appearance and lifespan. Professional carpet cleaners undergo extensive hands-on training and certification. They know the optimal ways to clean all types of carpets and handle delicate heirloom area rugs. Renting a machine and attempting DIY cleaning can actually damage carpet fibers if not done properly.

Drying Time  

Powerful truck mounts and extraction equipment allow professional rug cleaners london to remove far more water from your carpets compared to DIY methods. Your carpets will dry faster, usually within just a few hours instead of days. This greatly reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth in damp carpets after cleaning. Quick drying also allows you to resume using the spaces sooner.

Healthier Carpets

When done correctly, professional carpet cleaning removes up to 97% of pollutants and dirt for much healthier carpets. Bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen and pet dander are reduced. Sanitizing treatments are applied to kill germs. DIY cleaning cannot eliminate dirt and allergens as thoroughly. Freshly cleaned carpets improve indoor air quality.

Restored Appearance 

Nothing makes a home look dated and dingy faster than soiled, dull carpets. Professional hot water extraction cleans carpets down to the base of the piles where dirt accumulates. This removes stains and restores vibrancy of color. Carpets are revived to like-new condition again. DIY methods only clean the surface tips of carpet fibers.

Investing in Your Carpets

Regular professional deep cleaning helps preserve quality and extend the life of your carpet investment. Routine maintenance prevents premature wear, crushing and matting of fibers. Your carpets will retain their soft, plush feel and appearance longer. You’ll reduce costs from having to replace carpets more frequently.

Saves You Time and Effort 

Tackling carpet cleaning yourself requires renting a machine, buying cleaning products, pre-treating heavily stained areas, moving furniture, and doing all the required scrubbing and rinsing. This eats up a lot of your valuable free time. Hiring professionals allows you to skip the work and hassle so you can relax or attend to other priorities.


Professional upholstery cleaning London delivers a number of advantages over DIY cleaning. Your carpets will dry faster, last longer, and be restored to a freshly cleaned appearance and feel. Hiring professional services also saves precious personal time and effort. For optimal carpet cleaning results, trust the experts and see a dramatic difference.