Data analysis assignment is a process of revealing patterns, trends, etc. And correlation between large amounts of raw data to help in data information decisions.

Big data refers to enormous amounts of data and datasets. They are available in various forms and collected from different sources.

Many organizations believe in collecting too much data. But only collecting big data is not justified, they also have to use it. Big data analytics is a complicated process of data analysis.  to reveal informative data from raw data.

How Does Big Data Work? 

Big data includes collecting, processing, cleaning, and analyzing huge amounts of data sets. To provide help to organizations channel their big data.

1). Data collection

It is the first step in the data analysis assignment. Companies collect data in structured and unstructured formats. From various resources like applications,  site visits, etc. 

2). Process of data

After the collection of data, it should be properly organized. That helps in getting accurate analysis results. There are two types of data processing.

  • Batch processing:- It deals with large amounts of data blocks. It is used when there is a huge gap between data collection and analysis. 
  • Stream processing:- It deals with small batches of data. For fast decision-making. 
3). Data cleaning

Either big or small data requires Improved data quality. Data cleaning involves deleting or removing irrelevant or duplicate data. 

4). Data analysing 

Converting big data into usability requires a lot of time. The Advanced data analysis assignment process converts big data into big insights. It uses the following methods to analyze big data.

  • Data mining:- It is a process of sorting from huge data sets. That helps in pattern identification.
  • Predictive analysis:- This process uses the previous data to make predictions on the basis of analysis.
  • Deep learning:- It is a process of imitating the learning of humans. By using artificial intelligence. 

Being a subject or course, big data assignments. Creates a lot of problems for students. Because it consists of a lot of practicality and a long process. That is not understandable for every student. 

Problems In Data Analysis Assignment

We will discuss some common problems.  faced by students in making Big data assignments. 

  • Many students don’t have a deep knowledge of data analysis assignment. As to how it works and what the process is. 
  • Some students are occupied with their part-time jobs. That’s why they are not able to make time for writing assignments.
  • They don’t have proper guidelines and instructions from universities. And they are required for writing assignments.
  • They don’t have proper resources and materials to refer to. Which decreases the quality of their assignments.

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