CAT 424 vs. Tata Hitachi SHINRAI: Backhoe Loader Showdown


In heavy-duty machinery, two exceptional giants stand ready to redefine construction capabilities. Join us as we dive into the world of these remarkable machines, each boasting features that promise to reshape the way we build. Discover the CAT 424 Backhoe Loader and the Tata Hitachi SHINRAI Backhoe Loader – a glimpse into the future of construction prowess.

Featuring: CAT and Tata Hitachi Backhoe Loader Machine

CAT 424 Backhoe Loader:

Witness the CAT 424 Backhoe Loader, a true workhorse with a mighty gross power of 75 horsepower. Its 2 cubic meter backhoe bucket capacity and impressive 4707 mm maximum digging depth redefine excavation efficiency.

Smooth operations are guaranteed with a hydraulic oil capacity of 42 litres, while the 3540 kg max lift capacity and 1 cubic meter loader bucket capacity showcase its versatility. Reaching 2735 mm at full extension, its 8045 kg max operating weight ensures stability. The ex-showroom price of the machine makes it an irresistible offer.

Tata Hitachi SHINRAI Backhoe Loader:

Introducing the Tata Hitachi SHINRAI Backhoe Loader, a powerhouse boasting an 86-litre hydraulic oil capacity that ensures uninterrupted productivity. Witness its impressive lift capacity, tailor-made for handling heavy loads, and a loader bucket capacity designed for optimal material management.

With a reach that defies heights and a max operating weight of 7800 kg, the SHINRAI becomes the cornerstone of any construction project. Its 1 cubic meter backhoe bucket capacity adds to its prowess, while the ex-showroom price range of ₹29 – ₹31 lakh aligns affordability with excellence.


The CAT 424 and Tata Hitachi SHINRAI Backhoe Loaders embody the future of construction ingenuity. These machines redefine what’s possible in the world of heavy-duty equipment. If you’re ready to unleash these capabilities on your projects, look no further. For in-depth insights and further exploration, visit Infra Junction. Your construction aspirations deserve the best, and these machines stand ready to deliver.