Services For Job Seekers With Disabilities

People with disabilities have access to a variety of programs through disability employment services. This could include assistance with finding a job, developing a resume, job training, and workplace support. Additionally, you can get professional assistance from employment consultants who will assist you in finding and keeping a job. Under the Disability Employment Services program, job applicants can choose between two different service streams. It consists of Employment Support Services (ESS) and Disability Management Services (DMS). You can find out which stream you qualify for with the aid of your employment consultant. These evaluations are therefore utilized to determine a job seeker’s work capabilities and unique working situations.

With an emphasis on your talents and strengths, the team of employment specialists at Minda collaborates directly with you to help you discover your ideal employment. They will work together to develop a job plan that addresses your objectives and present needs. Furthermore, they also assist you in learning new things. The job plan is just the start of your journey; together, you will construct a fulfilling experience. Support staff at Minda will assist you as part of DES by helping you with the following things:

  • Create your CV and cover letter, and then look for jobs.
  • Utilize technology such as computers, printers, and other resources to aid in your job preparation and search.
  • Provides financial assistance so you may attend the newest courses or learning programs and upgrade your skills.
  • Getting ready for a job interview
  • Make contact with their select network of employers to assist you in advancing in your new position.
  • Set up adjustments to the workplace or additional support, including counseling.
  • Finally, they assist you in keeping your job once you begin your new position.

Ongoing Assistance to Maintain Employment

DES providers are often the only ones who receive funds from the Australian government. Its goal is to assist those who have disabilities in finding employment. But many people with intellectual disabilities need ongoing support to keep a job. An ongoing support assessment can be scheduled by your disability employment services provider. Furthermore, it has been discovered that many people with intellectual disabilities need moderate to high levels of ongoing help to keep their jobs. Thus, they have access to this assistance as long as they are employed.

Ongoing Moderate Support

Ideal, ongoing, and regular support is what you should need. As a result, it would include most people with claimed IQs below 60.

High Level Of Support

The appropriate level of assistance you need should be significant and ongoing regularly. Additionally, it shows that you need more assistance or more hours than usual.

Engage In Pre-Work Preparation Activities

You might have to take part in pre-work preparation exercises if a DES provider helps you. These behaviors might entail looking for and accepting suitable jobs. It involves going to job interviews as well as appointments with your DES provider. Additionally, they engaged in other relevant activities. These actions are referred to as “mutual duties.” If you fail to carry out your joint obligations, your assistance from disability employment services may be terminated. Additionally, your main responsibilities would usually just be stuff like going to meetings and doing things. It is because if you can work 0 to 14 hours a week, it improves your skills and experience.

Disability Employment Services Can Assist With Career Planning 

To establish a job plan, you will interact with DES service providers. A job plan will also refer to an employment pathway plan. The plan must include the proper assistance for your impairment. Additionally, based on assessment, the career plan specifies your job capability range (0–7 or 8–14 hours per week). The steps you should take in conjunction with your DES provider are to find work and keep it. Your plan must help you get ready for the job, learn new abilities, and keep working.

In addition, they perform work trials based on your passions. They learn what kind of assistance you need from it. Furthermore, a provider deals on your behalf with employers. Disability Employment Services will make sure your workplace is safe for you.


The priority of a good DES provider is finding you the appropriate employment. Companies like Minda that specialize in assisted living have experience assisting customers with their disability employment services. Furthermore, the finest handicapped employment programs offer personalized assistance to help you establish and achieve your goals. The goal of the support staff at Minda is to assist and empower people with disabilities to lead as normal lives as possible.

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