Allogeneic Cell Therapy market Trends, Analysis by 2035


Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market, 2023-2035, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.

Key Market Insights

  • Over 480 allogeneic cell therapies are either approved or being investigated in research studies by more than 190 players; the market landscape features the presence of both established players and new entrants
  • Majority of the clinical-stage allogeneic cell therapies are being evaluated in phase II trials; these therapies are being derived from different sources of cells and target multiple disease indications
  • More than 365 clinical trials (with over 18,000 enrolled patients) are currently underway to investigate allogeneic cell therapies, across different geographies
  • The rising interest in this domain is reflected in the wide array of partnerships established by allogeneic cell therapy developers with various international and indigenous partners
  • Having realized the opportunity in this segment, several investors have invested around USD 8.8 billion (across 120 funding instances), in the past five years; the maximum amount was invested through venture capital rounds
  • Various KOLs affiliated to academic / medical / commercial organizations are evaluating the efficiency of allogeneic cell therapies in different disease indications
  • Driven by the rising incidence of chronic diseases and growing demand for novel allogeneic cell therapies, this market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 14.5%, till 2035
  • The projected future opportunity for allogeneic cell therapies is likely to be well distributed across different types of target indications, therapeutic areas and key geographical regions

Table of Contents

1.                     PREFACE

1.1.                  Allogenic Cell Therapy Market Overviews

1.2.                  Key Market Insights

1.3.                  Scope of the Report

1.4.                  Research Methodology

1.5.                  Frequently Asked Questions

1.6.                  Chapter Outlines                  

2.                     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

3.                     INTRODUCTION

3.1.                  Overview of Allogeneic Cell Therapy

3.2.                  Manufacturing Process of Allogeneic Cell Therapy

3.3.                  Advantages Offered by Allogeneic Cell Therapy

3.4.                  Challenges Associated with Allogeneic Cell Therapy

3.5.                  Recent Developments in Allogeneic Cell Therapy Industry

3.6.                  Future Perspectives

4.                     MARKET LANDSCAPE

4.1.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapies: Market Landscape     

4.2.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapies: Developer Landscape


5.1.                  Chapter Overview

5.2.                  Partnership Models

5.3.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapies: Partnerships and Collaborations

6.                     FUNDING AND INVESTMENTS

6.1.                  Chapter Overview

6.2.                  Types of Funding

6.3.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapies: Funding and Investments

6.3.1.               Analysis by Year of Investment

6.3.2.               Analysis by Amount Invested

6.3.3.               Analysis by Type of Funding

6.3.4.               Analysis of Amount Invested by Type of Funding

6.3.5.               Analysis of Amount Invested by Year and Type of Funding

6.3.6.               Analysis by Type of Investor

6.3.7.               Analysis by Type of Therapy

6.3.8.               Analysis by Geography

6.3.9.               Leading Investors: Analysis by Number of Instances

6.3.10.             Most Active Players: Analysis by Number of Instances

6.3.11.             Most Active Players: Analysis by Amount Invested

7.                     CLINICAL TRIAL ANALYSIS

7.1.                  Analysis Methodology and Key Parameters

7.2.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapies: Clinical Trial Analysis

7.2.1.               Analysis by Trial Registration Year

7.2.2.               Analysis by Trial Status

7.2.3.               Analysis by Trial Registration Year and Trial Status

7.2.4.               Analysis by Trial Registration Year and Patients Enrolled

7.2.5.               Analysis by Trial Status and Patients Enrolled

7.2.6.               Analysis by Trial Phase

7.2.7.               Analysis by Study Design

7.2.8.               Analysis by Trial Status, Trial Phase and Geography

7.2.9.               Analysis by Type of Sponsor

7.2.10.             Most Active Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Trials

7.2.11.             Most Active Non-Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Trials

7.2.12.             Analysis by Geography

8.                     KEY OPINION LEADERS

8.1.                  Methodology and Key Parameters

8.2.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapies: Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

8.2.1.               Analysis by Type of KOL

8.2.2.               Analysis by Qualification

8.2.3.               Analysis by Type of Organization

8.2.4.               Analysis by Affiliated Organization

8.2.5.               Analysis by Target Disease Indication

8.2.6.               Analysis by Geographical Location of KOLs

8.2.7                Most Prominent KOLs: Peer Group 1 (Principal Investigators)

8.2.8                Most Prominent KOLs: Peer Group 2 (Study Directors)

8.2.9                Most Prominent KOLs: Peer Group 3 (Study Chair)

8.2.10.             Most Prominent KOLs: Analysis by RA Score


9.1.                  Chapter Overview

9.2.                  Key Assumptions and Methodology

9.3.                  Global Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market, 2023-2035

9.3.1.               Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market: Distribution by Type of Cell Therapy, 2023 and 2035

9.3.2.               Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market: Distribution by Source of Cell, 2023 and 2035

9.3.3.               Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market: Distribution by Target Indication, 2023 and 2035

9.3.4.               Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market: Distribution by Therapeutic Area, 2023 and 2035

9.3.5.               Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market: Distribution by Key Geographical Regions, 2023 and 2035

9.4.                  Allogeneic Cell Therapy Market: Product-wise Sales Forecast, 2023-2035

9.4.1.               Revascor / MPC-150-IM / Rexlemestrocel-L            Sales Forecast (USD Million)            Net Present Value            Value Creation Analysis

9.4.2.               Alofisel / Darvadstrocel / Cx601

9.4.3.               MultiStem® (Athersys)

9.4.4.               Tab-cel® / tabelecleucel / ATA129

9.4.5.               MDR-101

9.4.6.               PLX-PAD

9.4.7.               OMISIRGE / Omidubicel-onlv

9.4.8.               Orca-T

9.4.9.              Ryoncil

9.4.10.             Stempeucel®

9.4.11.             Viralym-M / ALVR105 / Posoleucel

9.4.12.             Trinity Evolution®

9.4.13.             CAP-1002

9.4.14.             Osteocel® Plus

9.4.15.             MPC-06-ID / Rexlemestrocel-L

9.4.16.             AB-205 / E-CEL cells

9.4.17.             allo-APZ2-OTS

9.4.18.             Trinity ELITE

9.4.21.             CARTISTEM®

9.4.22.             Grafix®

9.4.23.             ELIXCYTE

9.4.24.             TEMCELL® HS

9.4.25.             ALLO-ASC-DFU

10.                   EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS

10.1.                Chapter Overview

10.2.                Glycostem Therapeutics

10.3.                Mesoblast

10.4.                Triumvira Immunologics

10.5.                Celyad Oncology

11.                   APPENDIX I: TABULATED DATA


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